Gino Chua

Creative direction, art direction,
design, strategy.

Creative direction, art direction, design, strategy.
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2019 – Away

Art direction for Away’s first brand campaign, Go Get It – centered around the transformative power of travel.

We wanted to highlight our brand mission of transforming travel so travel can transform you. Inspired by the vigor and irreverence of being open to new experiences while we’re out in the world.

  1. Art Direction
  2. Campaign

︎︎︎ NYC - Soho billboard
︎︎︎ NYC - Bryant Park Station takeover
Piccadilly Line in London ︎︎︎ London - Picadilly station takeover

We also had locked in a wide reaching out-of-home placements all over NYC and London. This process require intensive mapping to pace out the brand story and experience. 

Photographs by Joao Canziani, In collaboration with Marcus Johnston (CD), Justin Tang (Senior Designer)