Gino Chua

Creative direction, art direction,
design, strategy.

Creative direction, art direction, design, strategy.
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2019 – Away

Art direction for Away’s evergreen content campaign, “the road, traveled”. Shot in Santa Fe, NM.

Art direction & production strategy for a full-funnel content campaign. We filtered the growth & brand deliverables through the theme of  “The Road, Traveled” as a way to build a higher story that the growth needs can speak to. This also provided opportunity to speak to the larger brand story of the transformative power of travel and how Away can help you build your travel uniform.

This story framework created a cohesive visual language for upper, mid and lower funnel growth initiatives while also emotionally touching on brand objectives. We also built out an elaborate multi-day shoot choreography, maximize shots, sunlight and talent.

  1. Art Direction
  2. Production Strategy
  3. Growth Marketing Strategy