(It’s Geraldson. My friends call me Gino!)

I’m an Art Director,
Content Producer
and Story Teller
with a focus in the

(Men’s & Women’s!)

Beauty and Lifestyle
space across multi-platforms.


[ selected work below! ]


Multi-platform Evergreen Content Creation

Concept + Art Direction.
Photographs: Joao Canziani,   VP, Creative Strategy: Sarah Wattson,
Senior Producer: Gabrielle Nicoletti,    Copy Lead: Kaela Mayers,   Creative Services Manager: Ruby Honerkamp


Build your AKA
Away’s Personalization Campaign

Art Direction + Social asset strategy & creation.
Photographs: Agnes Lloyd Platt,   
Cinematography/Production Company: MATTE Projects
VP, Creative Strategy: Sarah Wattson,
Director of Creative Services: Stephanie Thiel,   
Design Director: Vanessa Lam,   Senior Art Director: Elsa Chiao,
Contributing Senior Designer: Rebecca Lim,    Senior Producer: Gabrielle Nicoletti,   
Copy Lead: Kaela Mayers,    Creative Services Manager: Ruby Honerkamp


Launch Creative Direction
Curated Japanese Skincare Essentials

Brand Identity Development (logo cut, visuals, tone) + Creative Direction/strategy
+  Visuals Production

Photographs: Eric Helgas,   
Client/CEO/Founder: Betty Zhang,   Site Front-end Design + Development: Tanya DeSelm,   
Social Media Strategist: Marina Cacciapuoti

www.kantanno.com  @kantanno

Brides Magazine
The Zero-Drama Guide to Rings
Multi-platform Concept + Art Direction + Animation
Photographs + Film: Graham Pollack,
Market Editor: Gabriella De Givenchy,    Propstyling: Gözde Eker,   
Shoot production: Nic Williams